Power Grid Strategy – Individual Power Plant Articles & 2-Player Manifesto

This was inspired by the Twilight Struggle Strategy site, which has a detailed article for each individual card in that game. Power Grid is my favorite board game and I’ve played a ton of it in person and online, so I decided to try my own version of that. Here are articles for each individual power plant, which covers more ground than you may think at first glance!

To some degree it depends on the plant, but generally I try to cover: auction value in various situations and points in the game, fundamental starting-build tips if it’s a starting plant, how resources should be managed, synergy with other plants, and long-term strategies if it’s an endgame plant. I also cover multiplayer and 2-player games separately – I love 2-player in this game and it receives hardly any serious discussion!

Note that these articles are concerned with the maps which are available on BSW (see Glossary of Terms for more information). I don’t have enough experience vs. quality competition to give the same level of advice for China or Korea, unfortunately!

Anyway, here is an index of all my completed power plant articles in numerical order. Just click on the picture to go to that plant’s article!


Plant 03 Plant04 Plant05 Plant06

Plant07 Plant08 Plant09 Plant10

Plant11 Plant12 Plant13 Plant14

Plant15 Plant16 Plant17 Plant18

Plant19 Plant20 Plant21 Plant22

Plant23 Plant24 Plant25 Plant26

Plant27 Plant28 Plant29 Plant30

Plant31 Plant32 Plant33 Plant34

Plant35 Plant36 Plant37 Plant38

Plant39 Plant40 Plant42 Plant44

Plant46 Plant50


In addition to these, I have written a 3-part guide to high-level 2-player games.  Here is a page with links to each part:

The 2-Player Power Grid Manifesto: Parts 1-3

UPDATE: I recently started recording Youtube videos of my Power Grid games!  These feature live commentary as I play or watch others play, and do a hell of a lot more than any article to show how complex & varied this game is when played well.  Here is my frequently-updated playlist of all my recorded games:

Power Grid Online Matches

5 Responses to Power Grid Strategy – Individual Power Plant Articles & 2-Player Manifesto

  1. Absolutely Fantastic write-up!

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  3. Ned says:

    Thanks, this is very cool!

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